Perfect Your Vertical Jump - How to Jump Like Jordan!

vertical jump manual Learning how to jump higher will give you an almost instant advantage in any sport you are participating in. This is especially true when it comes to the great game of basketball. Having the ability to dunk a basketball is a touch that not only gets your home crowd into the game, it makes you gain fame, and above all makes you win more games. But the only problem is that dunking is not that simple to do. Thousands of athletes out there will kill just to increase some inches to their vertical jumps, since you will need to have a very good jumping skill to pull off a good dunk. Given that the majority of us were not born with that type of talent, it will have to be acquired. Thank God there are many different vertical jump exercises that we can always perform to help us in our jumps. We also have the vertical jump manual, and other systems out there that have proven their worth.

Compensation of Having a good vertical leap
Of course having a higher vertical leap doesn't just signify you have better one feature of your offense only. Being able to jump higher means you will be capable to play better defense by blocking more shots and making more rebounds. The idea is that being able to jump better should lead to an overall improvement in your sports accomplishment.

Ways to Manage to do it?
Well, we have jointly put together a number of resources that you can make use of, when it comes to receiving the accurate education for improving your vertical. So we would ask you to do some research here and there before making a decision to get any of the popular jumping programs available on the market. We want you to know the truth before you make a selection. But you will find that one of the best ways to get the results you are looking for is through one of these vertical jump programs. They work for the reason that they put emphasis on training the muscles involved with jumping.

This expose has concisely covered reasons why you may want to jump higher and even where you can go to get started. We want to lay emphasize on the fact that investigation on vertical jump exercises and vertical leap programs is key since you don't aspire to buy something that doesn't work or doesn't give you the outcome you were expecting. You can avoid all this by making use of the online resources we spoke of earlier. Keep in mind that none of these programs is a silver bullet thus you will still need to put some real work so as to be successful.

Few points you need keep in mind When trying to jump higher!

1. Willpower - I notice that it can be extremely tricky to find a jump routine that works. I understand that once you find a good routine, it can be very tough to stick with it! Don't let this occur to you. Find something that works, and work tough at achieving your objectives. The only person that can increase your jump height is you. That is why your strong determination is so important.

2. Stretch - It is very essential to stretch ever day if you want to attain your vertical jump goals. This will keep your muscle wobbly and willing to work anytime you have to. Stretching will improve your swiftness and your force which equals power!

3. Basic Exercises - When I say core, I'm talking about your abs and back. It is very crucial to toughen these muscles to get the stability and push that you need to increase your vertical leap. Do sit ups and crunches every morning. I'm not in no way telling you not to take note of your legs. It is also crucial to train your legs but most people only train thier legs and forget their core(abs and back). Don't make that mistake.

4. Sprints - Sprints significantly improve your rapidity. Do not go out and run a mile each day. Instead, do 5 sprints, 100 yards each, as swift as you can run. You will get the endurance that you need so as to jump high, again and again as well as quick.

As you may already know, there are so many more vertical jump exercises out there which could be of help to you. There is also this vertical jump manual which i can recommend to you! The jump manual is a great program that has helped many people since it was first launched. I think this system can help you as well!

The Jump Manual
vertical jump manual

VertFreak101 The Ultimate Verticla Jump Guide For You!

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to get your head above the rim? I mean, that is the dream of most sports people, and I am pretty sure it is yours as well! Well here you will be able to double your vertical jump efficiently without doubling your trainings!

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So did Adam Linkenauger, when he found this way, NOW he is sharing his secret with you! How did Adam Linkenauger went from one of the WORST athletes in his school to winning a National Powerade Dunk Contest? Yes he did doubled his vertical leap in just a short amount of time! But how did he go from not being able to touch the backboard, to hitting his forehead on the rim? How did he go from a mile runner on his high school track team, to a 3x All American, and 7x Atlantic Coast Conference high jump champion?

VertFreak101 is the secret to Adam Linkenauger’s success, and he is now letting YOU in on it! VertFreak101
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This software is ahead of any other program on the market, PERIOD.
With over 350 pages of written literature, and over 180 videos included, all in a simple and easy navigational system. It will have all the workouts and answers for you to realistically increase your vertical in a safe, and extremely effective way.

Bringing in the knowledge of World Class and Olympic athletes, and coaches, VertFreak combines the knowledge from the best of the best in Vertical training.
"The VertFreak Program is by far the best coaching aid ever developed!!"

"I have been friends with Adam for over 5 years now and know about his passion for jumping. This passion has proven him as a highly qualified teacher with the ability to train people to maximize the leaping abilities.

Adam has always impressed me with his own abilities and knowledge of training to reach that peak potential for anyone trying to make improvements.
Adam is a jack of all trades in training specific jump needs such as one footed or vertical jumping. We have at times traded training materials and I would recommend Adam's training to anyone who wants to improve their leaping abilities!"

In the program you will learn and receive:
1. 12 Week Become a Freak Program Designed for all types of Athletes whether novice to advanced.
2. 12 Week Weight Training Regiment designed for vertical and Speed Training
3. Mentality and Confidence Training
4. The Proper Warm Up
5. Jumping Technique- The end to thinking you are a 1 foot or two foot jumper
6. Running Technique
7. Prehab/Rehab Guidlines
8. Weightlifting101
9. Abs101
10. Bodyweight Lifting Program
11. In Season Strength Maintaining System
12. Nutrition101
13. Supplements101
14. The Ankles and Hands, and How to Strengthen Them
15. Three important Areas of the body that no program targets (Increasing these will guarantee vertical success)
16. 10 Facts to Vertical Jumping improvement
17. 10 Facts to Becoming Explosive
18. 10 Facts to why Vertfreak101 Works
19. 10 Facts to why your vertical system of the past failed
20. 3 Purchases worth the money in Vertical Training
21. Full Exercise Description and Glossary, including pictures and video links
22. Genetics- Getting the best out of what you were given
23. Also you will receive Community Access
24. Full support through
25. Your own Vertical Training Log
26. Access to Vertfreak101’s “Become A Freak Club” and Forum
27. Instant Messaging with coaches and friends on
28. Member’s Newsletter

And many many more Great vertical jump Tips and tricks!

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With over 300 variations of 12 week cycles, the program adapts to your improvements and has another 12 cycle ready for you as soon as you are done with your first. You have an endless array of Vertical and Speed Training Workouts!

Every exercise in the book comes with a video demonstration, and a written description! No other program on the market offers this! This was created for visual learners, and for athletes to make sure they perfect form and technique.

Aside from weight training, VertFreak offers medicine ball training insert for the weight room section of your workouts!

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WE also offer a Body weight lifting program as well!

WHY NO BONUSES with the program?
Because there is nothing more we can offer you that isn’t already covered in amazing detail in the VertFreak System!

The VertFreak system is already being used by professional athletes, dunkers, colleges, and high schools all over the WORLD! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, you need to be jumping higher than your peers as soon as you can! You can actually double your vertical leap with this program. It is very efficient i can assure you that. "Follow this program and you will be successful!"

"I met Adam a few years back at a National Championship meet, not only did his jumping ability for his size impress me, but his knowledge and understanding of jumping and training was impressive. I would recommend any athlete who is looking to increase their speed and/or jumping ability to get their hands on the VertFreak101 program soon!"

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Click Image For Full Story!

Vertical Jump Training Systems – The Jump Manual for Better Explosions

There are dozens of vertical jump training systems on sale on the on the internet today. This is due to the importance of having a good jumping ability in most team and individual sports. In basketball for example, your ability to jump high can give you an immense advantage over your opponent.

Training to jump high is what so many armatures and professional basketball players spend a good amount of their time practicing on. If you want to jump higher than you are currently doing, it will be a great idea to get a good vertical jump training system to help you out. There are so many of such system being sold on the internet today, but the best of them Is Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual.

The Jump Manual is a very popular and effective jump training program which has been used by thousands of basketball players to learn how to increase their vertical jump heights. This vertical jump training system was written by Jacob Hiller, a professional Jump coach who has been teaching folks the techniques and principles of jump high.

Jacob Hiller spent over 8 years developing the fundamentals of his vertical jump training system: The Jump Manual, and there is really little doubt that this program is the best Jump training system you can find today on the internet.

Do you want to increase your vertical jump heights? Do you want to get a professional vertical jump training system which has proven to be very effective to thousands of athletes allover the world?
Click here ==> Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual, to read more about this program and how you can greatly improve your vertical jump with it.

Basketball Jump Training – The Jump Manual, Best Vertical Leap Increasing Program

Ask any basketball player, they will tell you how your ability to jump high can make a big difference on your game. In fact vertical jumps are so important today in basketball that some coaches even use it as a measure of efficiency. That is why some players will kill just to get their vertical to the level they are comfortable with, and why basketball jump training have become so popular nowadays.

If you want to get your vertical jump higher, then you have to train for it. You can either use your own personally designed vertical jump training system, or use one prepared by a professional jump coach. There are so many of such professionally designed jump training systems on the market today, which are not only affordable, they are very effective in increase vertical jump heights, and will show you all the basketball jump trainings you need to perform so as to get to your desired jump goals.

If you want to use the best basketball jump training program to increase your vertical, then I suggest you get Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. The jump manual is a comprehensive how to jump higher program which have been popular on the internet for some time now - because it is very effective in showing athletes exactly what they should be doing so as to get those high Jumps that will give them an edge in their games.

Do you want to learn how to jump higher? Do you want to use the best basketball jump training program to reach your desired vertical jump objectives? If yes, then you need to get a copy of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. However, you don’t need to take my word for it!
Click here ==> The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller, to read what other people have to say about this vertical jump training system.

How to Improve Your Jumping – Best System to Help Increase Your Vertical Jump

As you may already know, there are thousands of athletes out there who are not satisfied with their vertical jump heights. Are you one of such athletes? Well, because you are reading this article right now, I assume that that could be the case. Training on How to improve your jumping ability so as to be more competitive is one of the best and most valuable investments in you put both your money and time in, as an athlete. If you are a basketball player especially, then you know exactly what I am talking about. Volleyball players also need to have a good jump ability so as to be competitive.

In fact, there are so many sports out there where the higher you can jump the better and more competitive you will be. That is the reason why as an athletes, you should put in more time on learning how to improve your jumping skills and ability, since most of us were not born with such talents.

The perfect way to learn how to get your verticals higher is by using a vertical jump training program. There are so many programs on the internet which can help you do this, but if you really want to get the results you are looking for, then you should take some time and get the best system that can guarantee to increase you vertical jump height to the level you want.

One of such system is Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. You may already know about this vertical jump training system since it is really so popular and it’s been helping so many athletes allover the world with their jumps. The Jump Manual is the best system that will show you exactly how to improve your jumping ability and give you the edge you need in your game.

Do you want to learn How to Improve Your Jumping ability? Do you want to add up to 12 inches to your vertical jump during a short period time? Do you want to use a professional jump training program to finally reach your desired jump heights? If yes then you need a copy of the jump manual.
Click here: ==> The Jump Manual, to read more about this vertical jump training system, and how it can help you out with your jumping skills.

How to Improve Your Jumping Ability – The Jump Manual for Increasing Jump Ability

The how to improve your jumping ability question keeps coming up all the time amongst most athletes. It is a fact that we are not born with extraordinary jumping abilities. So how do you explain the fact that most MBA stars can jump that high? The truth is “you can always learn how to increase your vertical jump if you practice using the correct techniques and proper principles.

Learning how to improve your vertical jump is not supposed to be a very difficult thing to do. I mean, you can always put in place your own personal training system to help you increase your vertical. However, the problem is that there is so much wrong information out there on what can improve your vertical jump and what can not. This makes it worth while getting a professional jump coach to help you out, if you really are serious about leaning how to improve your jumping ability.

This may sound so expensive to get a coach just to teach you how to jump higher; however, in our today’s world where we have the internet, it is possible to get very cheap and affordable online vertical jump training systems. The best system I found that can really teach you how to improve your jumping ability is this one prepared by Jacob Hillier called: The Jump Manual. This is a very popular program and it has been helping thousands of athletes in just about every country round the world, in increasing their vertical jump abilities. This program will be of great help to you if you really are serious about improving your vertical jumps.

Click here ==> The Jump Manual Review, to read more about this program, and how it can help you increase your jump abilities and give you the heights you have always wanted to have.

Double Your Vertical Leap or Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual?

When it comes to vertical jump training systems that actually work, there are not so many of them you can find out there. Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual and Luke Lowery's Vertical Project (also called The Double Your Vertical Leap System) are probably the most popular jump training programs being sold on the internet today.

Many athletes are so divided on which of this program to use for their vertical jump training, since all systems claim to very effective in increasing and improving your vertical jump heights. Be it Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual or Luke Lowery's Vertical Jump Project, each of this program have its good and bad points.

However, if you want to get the best system which has proven its worth over the years to be the most effective vertical jump training program, then I would recommend you get a copy of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. I choose the jump manual over Luke Lowery's Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Leap Program) for many reasons.

Some of the main reasons include: The physical attractiveness of The Jump Manual (easy to understand and clearer grammar, pictures and well elaborated videos), the honesty of its testimonials, the personal email coaching provided by Jacob Hiller when you join his program and The Forum of Elite Jumpers which you automatically become a member once you purchase Jacob Hiller’s vertical jump training program. And many more advantages….

Click Here: Jump Manual Review to read a more comprehensive, compare and contrast review made on the top selling vertical jump programs being sold on the internet today.

Vertical Jump Exercises – Which Exercises Can Improve Vertical Leaps?

There are so many vertical jump exercises out there. So much has been written on vertical jump training and vertical jump exercises. But you should be careful when using any exercise to train your vertical jump - since most of what you read on the internet as exercises to train your vertical may not really work for you. So which exercises can improve your vertical leap?

To answer this question, I would start by saying that vertical jump training is not suppose to be any difficult. In fact you can personally make some research and build your own set of training exercises which can actually help improve your vertical jump. However, there is so much cabbage on the internet about vertical jump training. Most of these free articles you read about vertical jump exercises are written by ghost writers who know nothing about jump.

If you really want to train your vertical jumps, or to take your jump heights to the next level, with the best vertical jump exercises that actually work, then I suggest you download a copy of Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual.

The jump manual is a comprehensive vertical jump training system prepared by a professional jump coach Jacob Hiller, and is well renounced as the best vertical leap training system you can find today on the internet. This program is helping thousands of athletes every month in diffident countries all over the world, to reach their required jump heights.

Jacob Hiller, author of the Jump manual spent well over 8 years developing the fundamentals for his jump training program and many renounced basketball coaches have voted his program as the most effective system in increasing vertical jump heights.

Click Here: The Jump Manual, to read more about Jacob Hiller’s jump manual, and also discover the best vertical jump exercises to help you increase your jump heights.

Vertical Jump Training – Best Systems to Train Your Vertical

Because of the importance given by coaches to vertical jump heights, so many athletes would kill just to add a few more inches to their vertical jumps. Vertical jump training has become almost a science which is mastered by some professionals in the filed. There have also been the development and sale of various programs which all claim to be able to increase your vertical jump heights. But which of these systems are the best systems to train your vertical leap?

Well, most of these vertical jump training systems have their good and bad points. However, if you want use an effective system, a system which has proven time and again to have an edge over the other vertical jump training systems, then I suggest you try out Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Training Program: THE JUMP MANUAL.

The best system to train your vertical jump is no doubt Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. The jump manual has help so many athletes to effectively increase their jump heights, and has been accepted by many renounced basket ball coaches as a great vertical leap training program.

It is true that there are other vertical jump training programs such as The Vertical Project and The Vertical Jump Development Bible. However, Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual has passed the test so many times on being then best jump program which is well accepted by all who used or tried it.

Do not take my word for it. There is this great review done on the 3 best selling vertical jump training programs being sold in the market today. Namely: The Jump Manual, The Vertical Jump Project and The Vertical Jump Development Bible? According to the review, Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual was the best training program for vertical jump!

Click on the following link to read the whole review: Best Systems to Train Your Vertical Jump.