Vertical Jump Workout - A Free Vertical Jump Training Workout That Basically Increases Vertical Jump Faster and More Effective

An effective vertical jump workout need not be strenuous. This article will reveal simple vertical jump exercises to incorporate into your vertical jump workout that won't even break out a sweat but will result in a significant increase to your vertical jump quick time. Keep reading to get free instant access to my vertical leap program that has helped at least 2000 athletes increase their vertical leap worldwide!

You may be surprised to learn that a very simple yet very effective vertical jump workout should include pool jumps. If you're after a vertical jump workout that will cool you off while at the same time increasing your vertical jump then jump in a pool. Start performing three sets of 10 vertical jump squat jumps a couple of times a week. Perform this vertical jump workout in chest high water for some serious vertical jump results on the court.

Why this vertical jump pool workout is so effective is that the resistance actually lessens the higher you come out of the water while you perform your vertical jump. This vertical jump workout alone will do wonders for your vertical jump. It also places no stress on your joints (which reduces injury). It's also a great way to do your vertical jump workout without overheating the body.

Another vertical jump workout that is very effective and doesn't involve heavy weight training is squatting fast and heavy with weights. The trick is to keep the repetitions to less than 5. Ultimately, if you're training like an Olympic weightlifting athlete you're doing the wrong vertical leap workout.

As I've stated, there are some incredibly simple yet very powerful vertical jump exercises that you can incorporate into your vertical jump workout that will result in a massive vertical jump increase, simply by increasing your vertical jump power and increasing your ability to perform your vertical jump quicker than your opponents.

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Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller: Is It Really The Best Vertical Jumping Manual Available

If you’re playing any kind of team sports, you will agree with me that your ability to jump high can greatly improve your chances of playing well. That’s why there has been a mad rush in developing vertical jumping manuals, to help athletes all over the world to improve their jumps. The Jump manual is no doubt one of the most well known in this category. There are also some other programs out there, such as: the vertical project, and the vertical jump development bible.

The vertical jump concept is so popular nowadays, many athletes, especially basketball players seriously want to dunk a ball, something which was in that past reserved only for the pros. Today with the help of all these jumping manuals, more and more people are improving their jumps- thereby dunking. The Jump manual, no doubt is the most advanced of all the vertical leap training system and has help so many athletes to greatly improve their jump heights, and better their overall game.

The Jump Manual was written by Jacob Hiller, a seasoned professinoanl athlete who has spent so much time developing this jump program. The other Jumping programs out here are also good, but can’t really be as good as Jacob Hiller’s vertical leap training system.

If you are looking for a good vertical jump program to help improve your jumps, then I recommend The Jump Manual for you. It is certainly the best out there. You can read a comprehensive review on the 3 bestselling jumping programs in the market right now: Jump manual, Vertical Project, and The Vertical Jump Development Bible. It’s a 3 in one review for these manuals, based on a thorough research. All the good and bad things for each of the programs are revealed in the review.

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Vertical Jump Training Programs to Help You Increase Your Vertical Leap

Your ability to jump high can make a big difference as far as basketball is concern. Vertical jumps have become so important in basketball today, making all athletes who do not have good naturally jumping talents to want to train hard, so they too can jump high and dunk. There are many vertical jump training programs to help you increase your vertical jumps. You just need to locate a good and effective program which can pull of good results.

As for now, the best program which has proven to be very effective as far as vertical jump training is concern is Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. This is a very good and extensive “how to jump higher” program designed by a professional jump coach with so many years of experience in this filed. Jacob Hiller spent over 8 long years developing the fundamentals of his jump program, and ever since he released it, thousands of athletes all over the world have benefited from the program, and have effectively increased their jump heights.

Though there are many other programs out there which all claim to be very effective in increasing vertical jump heights, none of them can really measure up with the Jump Manual.

There is this extensive review written on the 3 best selling vertical jump training programs on the internet as for now. Though all top 3 programs have their advantages and disadvantages, Jacob Hillers’ Jump Manual appears as a clear winner ahead of The Vertical Project and The Vertical Jump Development Bible.

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How to Get Your Vertical Jump Higher – Vertical Jump Training

Are you wondering how to get your vertical jump higher? There are lots of benefits in getting higher jumps and that is why many athletes are searching for information on what to do so as to pull of those high jumps.

If you are a basketball player and would like to get higher jumps, then you should be ready to put in the necessary work. Given the fact that most of us were not born with excellent jumping capabilities, Jumping high will always entail that you actually learn how to get your vertical jump higher. Training to jump higher may not be as easy as some people think, but with some efforts, and a good vertical jump training program, you can pull if off.

Talking about vertical jump training programs, there are hundreds of them out there, all promising to be very effective. Though all these programs have their good and bad points, there is only one program which you can really rely on as far as training to jump high is concerned. If you want to get your vertical jump higher, then you should use Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual.

The Jump Manual is a great and comprehensive vertical jump training program which has helped thousands of people round the world to increase their vertical jumps and they are now dunking like true pros. Learning how to get your vertical jump higher with Jacob Hiller’s Manual is no doubt the best thing you can do, if you really want to give a professional touch to your jumps.

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Vertical Jump Performance and Strength - Does Strength Contribute to Good Vertical Jumps?

double your vertical leap There are thousands of coaches and trainers who claim that they can improve vertical jumps instantly. While I am sure that there are quite a number of them who actually do the great work of improving these vertical jump lengths and heights, there are also a good number of them who are just beating around the bush doing almost nothing to actually help their trainees attain their goals. Given the high importance of vertical jump in most sporting activities and games today, it is very imperative that all the members of a team have perfect jumping capacities. Be it in basketball or in volleyball the team with the best jumpers in most cases end up winning the games. And that is what sports is all about. Guess that is why you want to double your vertical leap!! so you can dunk and dunk.

Some gurus understand the importance of vertical jump, so there are taking the opportunity to rip of some athletes from their money. Some coaches too don’t know what they are doing. Most of them would require their trainees to do several push-ups every day, and lift heavy objects, in the name of trying to improve vertical jump length and height. These methods are not only wrong, but they waste your precious time for no good reason. If vertical jumps depended on strength and the largeness of your upper body muscles, then the world strongest man would have the best vertical jump record. But as you may guess, that is not the case.

Of course you need to have some strength to perform great vertical jumps! But the real secret to increasing vertical jump height is creating the flexibility and power in the lower body, not the upper body. You would want to imagine your feet like a spring board on which you spring and try to go as high up as possible, while trying to move your body forward at the same time. Training with flexible resistance is the best way to create an elasticity and power in the muscles.

double your vertical leap It is quite true that it takes some time to improve on your vertical jump, but if you apply this simple principle, you can see result within 5 to 6 training sessions. Just so you don’t get me wrong here: Though the lower body is very important as far as vertical jump is concerted, that dose not mean you upper body has no part to play. In a nut shell, you also have to develop you upper body so that it will be able to handle the pressure so you can dunk.

So when carrying out your vertical jump exercises and workouts, just make sure you pay more attention to the lower part of your body, but not completely leaving out your upper body. Do this and you will surely see the results you are searching for.

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Vertical Jump, the Pride and Bragging in Sports - The Higher Your Vertical Jump, the Better You Feel

There is always a particular pride and brag factor attached to every sport or practice. In track and field events, such as basketball, football, and volleyball vertical jumps are used by athletes as something to brag about among themselves. But what is a vertical jump anyway?

A vertical jump can be defined as the ability to raise one's center of gravity higher in the vertical plane solely with the use of one's own muscles. It is a measure of how high an individual or athlete can elevate off the ground from a standstill. Some people may go further and define vertical jumps as: The ability to perform jumps of a height many times that of the human body. It could also be explained as being the ability to travel long distances with a flitting, continuous motion as if flying. However you look at vertical jumps, the one thing for sure that is true is that many athletes are now using it as a point of measuring performance. The better you are in your vertical jump, the more pride you have I the team or in your group. In other words, the higher your vertical jump, the better you feel among your team mates.

Since vertical jumps have become so popular in the world of sports, there are so many athletes who would kill, just to bit the recode in vertical jump. As of now, a vertical jump of more than 40 inches is considered as quite unusual. That not withstanding there is continuous tracking and measuring of the various jumps in various tracks and filed events. As more and more people keep training and perfecting their vertical jump skills, chances are that we would in the near future see even more and more athletes performing vertical jumps of 40 inches or and more.

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The Vertical Jump Obsession in Basketball Spreading Faster Than You Can Possible Imagine

Basketball is a great sport. Now I know you don't need to be an American to make this statement. Why do I say this? Well, it is because of the experience I had last year when I traveled to a Remote village in one central African country called Cameroon.

I've always wanted to go to Africa, so I made this childhood dream a reality last year. My choice of this African country was due to the fact that I wanted to be away from basketball for a while. And knowing that Cameroon is a big football nation, I thought basketball would be pretty dead there. So I won't have to think about vertical jumps for a while. But I was completely wrong.

After spending 5 days just relaxing and shuttling between my hotel room, nightclubs and parks, I was a bit bored so I decided to ask the hotel receptionist if there was any gymnasium where basketball was played. I explained to her that I would like to check on my vertical jump status. I was asking out of frustration because I knew there won't be any basketball court. I did not even think she would know what a vertical jump is. To my surprise she said there were actually 5 places where I could play basketball just around that neighborhood

So I decided to go check them out and see for myself. You would not imagine the quality of play these guys had there. The teams were so professional that I wonder why Cameroon is so unknown in basketball. After watching for a while, I decided to play with them. The fact that I came from America did not help me at all. Everybody was on me. Why not? After all America is considered the best in basketball, and every American should be able to play. Sounds funny, eh?

We had a short vertical jump contest after the training, and I bet you I was defeated hands down by this local unknown guy who is not even playing professional basketball!! They even had a vertical jump club in their gym. I console myself by saying that maybe it's because of the 5 days relaxing when I did not touch a ball. But deep in my heart I knew something was wrong here.

The vertical jump obsession is real, and it is spreading fast round the world. Especially in basketball.

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The Vertical Jump Muscle Exercises - Here Are Advanced Vertical Jump Training Exercises for Faster and More Efficient Results

double your vertical leap Advanced vertical jump training exercises are a quicker method for athletes to augment and greatly advance their vertical jump. This piece of writing will talk about some advanced vertical jump training workouts that give quicker results. Just Keep on reading to get instant access to more vertical jump power exercises just like this one and boost your vertical jump in 60 days or less.

If you’ve been performing vertical jump exercises for a while, then you will by now be conscious of the importance of doing these exercises properly. Moreover, doing the same old vertical jump workouts time and time again can result to world-weariness and a loss of inspiration and a definite decline in your vertical jump leap.
That's why it's vital to spice up your vertical jump exercises each time you have the opportunity.

In this piece of writing I'm going to share with you two prevailing vertical jump exercises that will beyond doubts add some extra strength life and might to your vertical jump workouts.

The Use of Medicine Ball
Using a medicine ball is an immense way to adding the much needed intensity to your vertical jump exercises. Not being able to swing your arms and having the extra heaviness of a medicine ball will without any doubt make your vertical jump exercises all the more difficult to carry out. A simple way to augment the intensity of your vertical jump exercise is by increasing your own weight. You can easily do this with a medicine ball, ankle weights or a weight plate. Of course, the medicine ball means you can't rely on your arms be of help to you in anyway. Ankle weights and a weight plate won't give you this kind of constraint.

The Use of Elastic Resistance Bands
Elastic resistance bands are another wonderful technique of adding some intensity to your vertical jump workouts or exercises. They are always obtainable from most sports shops. When you place an elastic resistance bands around the back of your neck right down to your feet, you will in fact be able to execute any vertical jump movement effortlessly and fluently.

It's vital to lighten boredom whenever you are performing your vertical jump exercise and workouts. Please Feel free and check out the links below to get instant admission to more vertical jump exercise routines that pledge to increase your vertical jump in just 50 days! Yes you got me! Just 50 days.

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Vertical Jump Measurement - 3 Common Methods Used in Measuring Vertical Jumps

With vertical jumps being a reason for pride and greatness in the world of sports, there is no doubt that athletes and coaches would always want to measure their vertical jump performance with exact certainty. There is a very stiff competition in this area which only makes measuring more difficult.

How ever, there some three different methods that are commonly used to measure vertical jumps which I explain bellow.

1- An easy method of measuring an athletes' vertical jump is to make the athlete jump and reach up against a flat wall with a flat surface directly under his feet (you can use a gym floor, concert or any other flat surface), then you spot off the highest up he can reach flat-footed. This is usually called the standing reach. Now, instruct the athlete to take a number of jumps from a standstill, marking of the highest point which he can reach. Next and last thing for this method is to measure the distance between the two. The distance is the athletes' vertical jump.

2- The above method is not so efficient, and it can lead to different result at different times. There is a second method that is more scientific in nature since it uses a mathematical equation applied from a kinematics equation (h = g*t^2/8) to help calculate the athletes' vertical jump. With this method, a pressure pad can be used to measure or estimate the time an athletes takes to complete his jump, the using our kinematics equation above, a computer will calculate the athletes vertical jump based on the time in the air. However, the main drawback of the method is that an athlete can cheat by bending his knees so as to extend his hang time (the time he is in the air).

Another efficient method used nowadays to measure vertical jump is the infrared laser method. This method is quite simple and quite practical and makes it difficult for the athlete to cheat. An infrared laser is placed at ground level then the height at which the athlete jumps and breaks the plane of the laser with his hands, is measured.

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