Vertical Leap Training: Improve Your Vertical Jump With The Jump Manual

Vertical leap training is what every athlete should be doing if they want to better their overall game. The vertical jump concept has become so important that most coaches now use it as a sign of performance. They will require athletes to have a given jump height before they can join their team.

This is why, vertical leap training is so important. It really doesn’t matter which sports you are into, having a high jump will always improve your chances of succeeding and thereby winning more games.

There are many vertical leap training systems our there. You can always use any of them, but they will not give you the same result. That’s to say some training systems are better than others. You need to be able to locate a good one which can satisfy your needs.

If you are searching for a good vertical leap training system that can actually provide you with the result you need, then I will recommend Jacob Hillers’s Jump Manual. Everyone who has used his program says it is the best and most comprehensive leap training system you can find in the market today.

Of course they are other vertical leap training systems, such as the vertical project, the vertical jump development bible and many others. But the simple truth is that, the jump manual has the most positive review on the web, and many athletes who’ve used it have said well about it, making me to conclude that it is the best jumping manual available out there.

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The Jump Manual - Vertical Jump Training System with A High Reputation

The importance of having a good vertical jump in sports can not be overemphasized. Especially in the good game of basketball where dunking not only allows you to score more and defend better, but also makes the crowds to cheer their lungs out!

Because of the numerous advantages of having a good vertical jump height, many athletes would want to practice to increase their jumps, so as to have that advantage over players with shorter jump heights.

There are many programs out there to help you increase your vertical jump heights. But if you really want to have a professional touch to your jumps, then there is only one program which has proven time and again to produce the best results. It is this program prepared by Jacob Hiller, a professional jump coach who has been helping thousands of basketball players and athletes on other games such as volleyball and football, to drastically increase their jump heights.

The vertical jump program I am talking about is the Jump Manual. The jump manual is Vertical Jump training system with a High reputation, created by a great and respected jump coach (Jacob Hiller). This training program is a Comprehensive How to Jump Higher Guide with detail instructions on what exactly you should be doing (jump exercises, nutrition and more) so as to pull off those professional jumps.

Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual program is the best Vertical Jump Training and Speed Manual for Athletes. It is made up of a comprehensive E-book, Videos, Forum, and Email Coaching for Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Dance etc!

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3 Recommended Products For Vertical Jump Training: Best Vertical Jump Kits

Haven been a seasoned vertical jump trainer for over 6.5 years, I have come across over 200 different products which claim to be very effective in improving vertical jump and Vertical Leap Heights. I have been carefully studying all these products and I have finally came up with a list of 3 of them, which I consider are the best Vertical Jump Kits available in the market right now. I recommend them for their quality, clarity, effectiveness and their ability to actually improve your vertical jump over a short period of time, if effectively utilized. You Maybe able to double Your Jump Heights!

Go ahead and use any of them for your Vertical jump training. I guarantee you will see results in matter of few weeks and if consistent, you will surely reach your goal in a matter of 5 to 6 weeks!

Below is the list of these 3 products that I talked about above (in order of merit!). I have made my research on them, and I assure you that they can greatly improve your vertical jump heights:
1-The Vertical Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Leap!)
3-The Vertical Jump Development Bible

Traning to Increase Vertical Jump

There are so many different ways and Traning to boost vertical jump. Of course, like everything, some ways are better then others. How then, can you establish good training that give results, and not just ravage time and sweat? You can start by understanding what you need for a good jump.

Actually, a jump is based on two things, strength and speed. It takes a lot of strength to raise your own body load off the floor, and even more to get a considerable height. For this reason, exercises to increase vertical jumps need to focus on increasing muscle strength. If you really want to double your vertical leap, then you need to increase your strength and speed.

It also takes speed to get off the ground-- muscle speed. If your muscles aren't moving swift enough, most of that strength gets wasted. You have about 0.2 seconds to get all the strength you can into your jump. Any strength exhausted before or afterward is wasted. That means getting your muscles moving rapidly is crucial to getting the most out of your jump.

This creates a small difficulty. Put plainly, most conventional strength training builds slow twitch muscle, which doesn't do much good in training for a good vertical jump. Exercises to increase vertical jumps to need consist of both speed and strength training or else they won't give the return on effort to be meaningful.

And, talking of muscles needing strength and speed, what muscles are we talking about here? There are quite a few muscles concerned in a vertical jump, most particularly the p-chain and quads. It's important to note that unless all of these muscles are have about the same strength, the extra strength of the muscles with greater lifting power will not be used. Your body knows that all its muscles need to work collectively, and that if anyone of the muscle is putting considerably more or less power in than the others, you are going to get injured. For this reason all of your muscles are automatically 'downgraded' to use no additional strength than the weakest muscle concerned.

Evidently there is a lot that goes into finding excellent exercises to increase vertical jumps. And there is no ground to reinvent the wheel yourself. A lot of other people have spent a huge amount of time putting together the best exercises to increase vertical jumps into some huge training programs.

Those were the 7 Simple Exercises showing you how to Greatly Increase Vertical leap and enable you to Jump Higher. You May even be able to double your vertical leap if you implement them well!

Below is the list of the 3 products that can greatly improve your vertical jump
1-The Vertical Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Jump Development Bible
3-The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Jump!

7 Simple Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump and Jump Higher!

Looking for ways to increase vertical jump? I've Outlined 7 of the most practical ways of doing it. You would be able to double your vertical leap if you use these simple jump exercises and workouts.

Is there really a single best way to increase vertical jump? Well, many people are asking this same question, and I guess you've probably collected more than enough information on ways to improve your vertical leap to start a library collection. But too much information can be a major overload! By now, you probably know there's no single solution, rather a combination of various techniques and power/strengthening exercises to optimize the best results for increase vertical jump.

The following '7' exercises will give your legs a decent workout to gain or double your chances to better your vertical jump. Overtime and with continual practice, you can jump higher. The aim here is to strengthen the calf and quad muscles to increase vertical jump using basic programs.

1) Warm Up The Muscles To Jump Higher
Like all different types of physical activities such as weight training and basketball, warming up and stretching the muscles are essential in avoiding injury and maximizing performance. Warm up exercises include jogging for a few minutes, jump-rope (which helps cardiovascular conditioning), running up and down the stairs for a few minutes. With warm ups, do not wear out your legs.

2) Deep Knee Bends - Stand and slowly bend the knees while keeping the back straight and crouch down as low as possible, and slowly rise up again. Do this 15 times, and overtime increase the repetitions.
Once you have the confidence and strength, hold dumb-bells by the side and squat.
This will strengthen the muscles for increase vertical jump.

3) Deep Knee Bend Jumps - Similar to Deep knee bends, except when at the lowest point of the crouch, vertically leap upwards.
At the point of landing, immediately crouch back and jump higher. Do this 15 times, and overtime, increase the repetitions.

For further strengthening, load your body with a medicine ball. This will not only focus on the muscle more, but will result in increase vertical jump overtime.
Note take this as opportunity to practice vertical leap technique. With practice and exercising, increase vertical jump will come over time.

4) Elevated Jumps - Place a bench or platform in-front of you, stand on it and then jump backwards to land softly.
Then with a bouncing motion, jump back onto the platform. Do this 10 times.
If this is your first time, please do it slowly and carefully.

5) Toe Raises - Stand as normal and slowly raise up on your toes, hold for a few seconds and lower back down steadily. Do this 30 times, increase it overtime.

6) Toe-raise with weights - Exactly the same exercise as a Tow Raise, except that extra weight is added on to the body and held by the side. Use small weights and increase the load overtime!
An advance form of exercise 5 and 6, is standing on the edge of a step with the toes and raise up and down. This focuses more on the calf muscle and helps increase vertical jump. For more toning, use weights.

7) Practice vertical leaps to Increase Vertical Jump Yes you heard me right, Practice makes perfect. You will never be able to increase or even double your leap if you don't actually train the carryout the necessary exercises needed.

8) Compound movements To Really Increase Vertical Jump
Compound multi joint movements are known to increase muscle strength more effectively than isolation movements. The best exercises to increase vertical leap are squats, lunges and step ups which focuses on the muscles at the front of the thighs, the quadriceps, which includes the vastus intermedius, vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, and rectus femoris muscles.

The barbell squat also focuses on the hamstrings and glute muscles. If done correctly, Squats is considered one of the best exercises for overall strength training which can lead to increase vertical jump. When performing squats, avoid excessive forward leaning of the upper body, and excessive forward movements of the knees otherwise it will lead to injuries.

If this is the first attempt, please consult a personal trainer, or maybe use any vertical jump manual. The key to these exercises are slow, controlled movements with proper technique. Remember, to always start small and avoid the temptation to over-do the first workout. Always, focus on proper technique with controlled movements of the muscle.

This way the leg muscles will be worked effectively which will result in an increase in vertical jump! Exercise on a consistent basis, but without over-training or wasting too much time at the gym. After your vertical jump workouts, always make sure you stretch the muscles using basic hamstring and quadricep stretches so as to increase flexibility. Flexibility aids in the development of muscle growth and thus an increase vertical jump.

Lastly, after a solid workout and stretching, the muscles require a recovery period to grow and strengthen. With rest, the muscle will grow stronger which is essential for increase vertical jump!

Now that you have the basics on how to increase vertical jump, motivate yourself and be determined to action and plan with proper training to achieve your goal for increase vertical jump! However, if you are really serious about training to increase vertical leap and jump higher really fast, then I suggest you check out one of these vertical jump training programs which I comprehensively review on this page here: 3 Best Vertical Jump Training Programs Reviewed.

List Of Best Vertical Jump Training Systems:
1-The Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Leap!)
3-The Vertical Jump Development Bible

How To Quickly Increase Your Vertical Leap: Best Vertical Jump Exercises!

The most commonly raised question from young athletes about with improving performance is "How to jump higher?" Jumping is truly a very explosive and crucial movement that can, whether you believe it or not, truly be improved with the proper training.

Vertical leap is jump reach minus standing reach. The "standing reach" on the other hand is how high one can extend his arm above his head while at the same time keeping both his feet together remaining flat on the floor. Indeed, the jump reach, as for a real vertical jump test, would be to jump straight up even without taking one step and touching highest point possible.

Some people are said to be able to make vertical jumps that are above 40 inches. However, those are definitely not to be considered as vertical jumps. A number of NBA players have high vertical jumps usually in the range of 28 - 34 inches.

Because the vertical jump is a very important movement, the strength and power should be to be developed in the core larger muscle group, the legs. Here are some tips when doing special exercise for specific aspects or muscle groups of the body.

These exercises are to be slow, and in controlled movements. The most effective strength exercises to increase vertical jumps are the squats, the lunges and the step ups. They are the best probably because they are also compound movements that work knee joints and hip joints simultaneously. It is important to understand how every procedure is performed to get the best results.

These are the best exercises for athletes and can improve strength if performed correctly. Otherwise, squats can be a dangerous exercise. If working out with young athletes, see to it that 9 out of 10 squats in an exercise are done correctly. Not doing so would cause injuries, and not improve athletic performance. Two problems are: excessive forward leans of the upper body (that can cause lower back injury) and also too much forward movements of the knees (that can cause knee problems).

The step ups are really done with dumbbells and using a step-up box or probably a bench (that can be 16 inches to 18 inches in height). Standing in upright positions holding dumbbells, step on the box or the bench set at the height which would put the knee at 90-degree angle. Make 10 repetitions using the other leg and then repeat procedures.

These exercise group can be done by holding dumbbells or by using a bar across the upper back. Stand in upright position, then step forward as far as possible avoiding forward lean of upper body until the front knee is forming a 90 degree angle. Step back to the initial position in a step. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

Note that steps and lunges usually complement squats simply because they workout each leg independently.

The above mentioned tips and vertical jump exercises are really so vital if you are serious about your jump goals. Doing them as described above: that is in exercise groups or tasks would be truly helpful and of course increase your vertical leap by some inches over time.

Below is a list of the 3 products that can help you more to improve your vertical jump: I have carefully studies them and i found them really useful. I am tempted to say you cant find better products in this category!
1-The Vertical Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Jump Development Bible
3-The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Jump Leap!

Vertical Jump Workouts and Exercises: Persist To Double Your Vertical Leap

Vertical Jump Workouts and Exercises: Persist To Double Your Vertical Leap Vertical jumping is arguable one of the most talked about things on the internet today. There are tons and tons of people who will kill just to increase their vertical leap. Ambitious people would even want to double their jumps. Yes you can actually double your vertical leap, but you don’t only need to know the right exercise and workouts to help you do that, you also need to persist.

To say the truth, I don’t know how the vertical jump obsession has become so wide spread today. But I guess it is due to the greater role that a good jump can play in enhancing the performance of any team. In basketball for example, if your team members are capable of jumping high and dunking, you will not only have a greater chance of wining the games, you also stand a better chance to defend you goals ever better. In volleyball as well, vertical jump is so vital in winning a game. In fact, most sports nowadays require great jumps so as to stand a chance of being competitive!

One more reason why vertical jump has become so popular is no doubt due to the pride that comes with dunking a basketball. You get so much respect from your home crowd, your fans and your team mates when you successfully make a great dunk. Some coaches are now demanding good or next to perfect vertical jump as one of the requirements for adding a new member to their teams. That is why most professional teams now have vertical jump exercises sessions. This situation only adds to the popularity of leaps in the various sports and disciplines.

There are various vertical jump programs that can help you in you jump needs. You can also find various jump manuals in this category. Some of them actually work, but some of them are just pure scams. What ever manual or program you chose to use, make sure you do some research on it before paying for it. I have made some research and recommended some few on these jump products on this site, but just to summaries here, I found these to be effective:
1-The Vertical Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Jump Development Bible
3-The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Jump!
I am kind of confident to say that if you use them and put some efforts, you will reach your vertical jump goals!

As for vertical jump exercises, I don’t want to get into that here, I guess you must have read over thousand pages with various vertical leap exercise. In fact what counts most is your dedication, not the amount of jump workouts that you know in theory. You must actually perform those exercises and workouts at a constant and continuous rate if you want to have a chance in increasing your vertical leap few more inches. You should also note that progress could be sometimes really slow, but just keep on keeping on. If you persist, you might be able to double your vertical leap after some hard work. Never say never to anything in life.

To sum up what we have been saying, I just have to say this: Yes it is true that vertical jump has become so popular nowadays. That is why you find tons and tons of people dieing to increase or even double their vertical leap. You can do this using the various vertical jump exercises and workouts available out there. There are also the many vertical jump manuals and e-books. But before you pay for any manual, just make sure you do enough research on it, just to make sure it is not a scam! If you use them correctly and persist, you may even be able to double your vertical leap.

Enjoy The Video, And Good Luck!

Vertical Leap in Sports And Games - The Ability to Jump High Does Not Come From Birth!

The Vertical Jump Development Bible
the vertical jump development bible
We all know how the vertical jump training concept has become really popular among most athletes. Especially in basketball where vertical jumps are a real measure of performance and a reason for pride amongst team members and their fans, players usually have that constant pressure to perfect their jumps as much as possible. With a high jump, basketball players won't only be able to dunk a ball, they will also be able to defend their goals and make faster rebounds.

All these advantages help teams a great deal, to defend more efficiently, score more goals thereby winning more games. That is why most coaches require folks who want to join their teams to have a minimum vertical leap height before they can join the team.

This may sound very weird but it is true. Vertical jump heights are now used in many sports as a performance indicator. The higher your vertical leap, the better for you and your team, since you will have all the advantages high jumps offer to any team. But how do athletes get these good jumps? Dose the ability to jump high comes from birth?

Well that is a question that has been argued by many athletes and coaches for quite some time now. As for me, I really think anyone can practice how to jump high. The more efforts you put in your practice, the better results you will see. So I guess the answer to the question is simply NO, The ability to jump high dose not come from birth. Anyone can always acquire it though workouts and special exercises. It is true that some people are born with some jumping talents. But with the use of some simple workouts and vertical jump exercises, you can always enhance you leaps as much as you want.

This article is meant to encourage those who think they can't perform high quality jumps. Some of your team mates or friends maybe discouraging you by saying you can't make it. But think again. Most of the popular NBA stars were not born with the jumping capabilities they have. They acquired those talents during their constant training. With the help of some jump programs and vertical jump systems, you can increase you vertical leap to the heights you want.

There are actually numerous exercises you can use for increasing your vertical leap heights. There are also a great deal of programs and systems out there just waiting for you to use. But before you join any, you should make sure you have enough information on them. Well as for now, I recommend the vertical jump development bible for you. As for exercises, the most talked about are squats, knee bends and deep knee bends. You can always find more workouts by doing some research on the internet. Just go ahead and work towards improving your jump abilities as much as you can. Good luck!

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This is Why You Haven't Improved On Your Vertical Leap

double your vertical leap There are usually many reasons to justify the fact that you haven't yet increased your vertical jump despite all your efforts. I will try to give you some of the most common reasons for this in this article and I hope the points I raise here sill help you in your jump efforts. So why do people not succeed in increasing their vertical jump explosion?

Well the as for now I can think of 3 main points:

1- Lack of knowledge of the correct principals, workouts and exercises to use:
There are literally thousands of websites out there owned my marketing gurus who have little or no knowledge on jump training. They usually put up wrong information on those sites and unfortunately some athletes come across this information and trust it. What you read on the internet is as vertical jump workouts and exercises may not always be good for you. You should make sure the information is coming from a well renowned coach.

2- Going after Wrong Jump Programs:

Another reason why people fail to increase their vertical jump is the lack of correct jump programs to g after. Now this is a very serious problem out there. Especially on out society nowadays where the internet is king, people all sort of crap and sell them online as jump training manuals. I have been contacted by a very good number of internet marketers asking me to write an e-book for them. Most of the times I will say no and all they do is go to the next ghost writers who know little or nothing about jump training and ask them to do it for them. Beware of such manuals. I know it is very difficult to identify a good jump manual, but try as much as you can to do some research on it before paying for it.

3-The lack of dedication from your part:

In fact this accounts for a great amount of failure cases in increasing vertical jump heights. Jump trainings just like any other training are not a piece of cake. I mean to say it is not an easy task to accomplish. You have to have a great deal of devotion and dedication so as to see the results you are hoping for. You should remember that sometimes results are slow to come. If you stick with your trainings, you will obviously achieve what you want. If you quite prematurely, you are the looser!

double your vertical leap There maybe more reasons, but I guess those would be for another time. All the same, I think these are the main points, and if you happen to identify yourself in any of them, please do everything to come out of that situation. If not, you will find it very difficult to increase your vertical jump heights to the level you desire. Just remember, train wisely and correctly.

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