How To Quickly Increase Your Vertical Leap: Best Vertical Jump Exercises!

The most commonly raised question from young athletes about with improving performance is "How to jump higher?" Jumping is truly a very explosive and crucial movement that can, whether you believe it or not, truly be improved with the proper training.

Vertical leap is jump reach minus standing reach. The "standing reach" on the other hand is how high one can extend his arm above his head while at the same time keeping both his feet together remaining flat on the floor. Indeed, the jump reach, as for a real vertical jump test, would be to jump straight up even without taking one step and touching highest point possible.

Some people are said to be able to make vertical jumps that are above 40 inches. However, those are definitely not to be considered as vertical jumps. A number of NBA players have high vertical jumps usually in the range of 28 - 34 inches.

Because the vertical jump is a very important movement, the strength and power should be to be developed in the core larger muscle group, the legs. Here are some tips when doing special exercise for specific aspects or muscle groups of the body.

These exercises are to be slow, and in controlled movements. The most effective strength exercises to increase vertical jumps are the squats, the lunges and the step ups. They are the best probably because they are also compound movements that work knee joints and hip joints simultaneously. It is important to understand how every procedure is performed to get the best results.

These are the best exercises for athletes and can improve strength if performed correctly. Otherwise, squats can be a dangerous exercise. If working out with young athletes, see to it that 9 out of 10 squats in an exercise are done correctly. Not doing so would cause injuries, and not improve athletic performance. Two problems are: excessive forward leans of the upper body (that can cause lower back injury) and also too much forward movements of the knees (that can cause knee problems).

The step ups are really done with dumbbells and using a step-up box or probably a bench (that can be 16 inches to 18 inches in height). Standing in upright positions holding dumbbells, step on the box or the bench set at the height which would put the knee at 90-degree angle. Make 10 repetitions using the other leg and then repeat procedures.

These exercise group can be done by holding dumbbells or by using a bar across the upper back. Stand in upright position, then step forward as far as possible avoiding forward lean of upper body until the front knee is forming a 90 degree angle. Step back to the initial position in a step. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

Note that steps and lunges usually complement squats simply because they workout each leg independently.

The above mentioned tips and vertical jump exercises are really so vital if you are serious about your jump goals. Doing them as described above: that is in exercise groups or tasks would be truly helpful and of course increase your vertical leap by some inches over time.

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