Vertical Leap in Sports And Games - The Ability to Jump High Does Not Come From Birth!

The Vertical Jump Development Bible
the vertical jump development bible
We all know how the vertical jump training concept has become really popular among most athletes. Especially in basketball where vertical jumps are a real measure of performance and a reason for pride amongst team members and their fans, players usually have that constant pressure to perfect their jumps as much as possible. With a high jump, basketball players won't only be able to dunk a ball, they will also be able to defend their goals and make faster rebounds.

All these advantages help teams a great deal, to defend more efficiently, score more goals thereby winning more games. That is why most coaches require folks who want to join their teams to have a minimum vertical leap height before they can join the team.

This may sound very weird but it is true. Vertical jump heights are now used in many sports as a performance indicator. The higher your vertical leap, the better for you and your team, since you will have all the advantages high jumps offer to any team. But how do athletes get these good jumps? Dose the ability to jump high comes from birth?

Well that is a question that has been argued by many athletes and coaches for quite some time now. As for me, I really think anyone can practice how to jump high. The more efforts you put in your practice, the better results you will see. So I guess the answer to the question is simply NO, The ability to jump high dose not come from birth. Anyone can always acquire it though workouts and special exercises. It is true that some people are born with some jumping talents. But with the use of some simple workouts and vertical jump exercises, you can always enhance you leaps as much as you want.

This article is meant to encourage those who think they can't perform high quality jumps. Some of your team mates or friends maybe discouraging you by saying you can't make it. But think again. Most of the popular NBA stars were not born with the jumping capabilities they have. They acquired those talents during their constant training. With the help of some jump programs and vertical jump systems, you can increase you vertical leap to the heights you want.

There are actually numerous exercises you can use for increasing your vertical leap heights. There are also a great deal of programs and systems out there just waiting for you to use. But before you join any, you should make sure you have enough information on them. Well as for now, I recommend the vertical jump development bible for you. As for exercises, the most talked about are squats, knee bends and deep knee bends. You can always find more workouts by doing some research on the internet. Just go ahead and work towards improving your jump abilities as much as you can. Good luck!

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