3 Reviews In one: The Jump manual, Vertical Project and Vertical Jump Development Bible : Most Honest and Most Comprehensive Reviews on All 3 Products

There are rather many people out there who still think dunking a basketball is meant just for the professionals. With the development of Vertical Jump Training Programs, increasing your vertical is no longer a distant dream! I made an investigation on the three top vertical jump programs side by side, and even though each program had its good and bad points, there was this one program that was a clear cut winner in terms of its results, personal coaching, value of the product in relation to price, and verifiability of its testimonials. This program is called "The Jump Manual". It was written/developed by an athletic coach called Jacob Hiller. From him, I was made to understand that if a 5'5 guy can dunk a ball, you too can dunk!

During this comprehensive research
, only one program actually provided me with Certifiable Testimonials I could trust! Can you guess which program it was? Well, It was Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual.

My Honest Classification

After my long and thorough research which saw me examining the top selling vertical leap programs and trying to identify which of them really worked, I choose the top 3, in the following sequence:
1st - The Jump Manual
2nd -The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Leap System)
3rd -The Vertical Jump Development Bible

I tried contacting all three authors and only one of them actually put me in touch with real folks who got the results they wanted. The Vertical Project never answered my call at all, and the other author, Kelly Baggett, merely referred me to the testimonial page on his website--which each and everyone wonders if those testimonials are false or not. But the testimonials are 100 % confirm-able with the Jump Manual, and Jacob Hiller was more than glad to put me in touch with his players/customers and athletes, including a 5'5 now-dunker. He even had successfully trained a good number of professional dancers who wanted to increase their jump heights!

Below is a comprehensive review on the three best selling vertical jump products available in the market right now.

#1) The Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual is the only program with a "10 inches gain in 12 weeks" or money back guarantee. The creator of the program, Jacob Hiller, has been developing his vertical jump program fundamentals for over 8 years. As one of the newest programs existing and its frequent updates, The Jump Manual implements all of the hottest developments in nowadays vertical leap training. Jacob Hiller has helped thousands of athletes, volleyball players, basketball players and dancers worldwide to better their jumping abilities with the use of 9 essential yet often ignored facets of training.

Some other important things about this program include:

A Multi-Faceted Methodology: The Jump Manual embraces the opinion that the best approach to making the fastest gains in your jump heights is by performing drills which take into account a broad range of work-outs--unlike lots of other programs out there which merely focus on a single type of exercise.

Unlike many other programs, The Jump Manual is really visually attractive. There are high-quality videos for each and every workout included in the program, - so there's no difficulty on how to carry out the work-outs. And you can see for yourself that Jacob is a skilled sportsperson himself, and knows exactly what he's talking about. I can't point out how much it helps when you are trying to understand an exercise by watching a video of the exercise being performed, instead of just reading about it. Which would you choose? To read about an exercise or to watch a video of it being carried out the exact way it's supposed to be done? Also, I was told Jacob sends regular updates to his customers, with free bonuses. One of his athletes was so pleased when Jacob sent an interview with one of the top basketball shooting coaches in the world.

The Jump manual is very simple and easy-to-use. Jacob Hiller explains the concepts in The Jump Manual in a very apparent, straight forward and easy-to-understand terminology. Even the most tricky ideas such as plyometrics are explained in a very easy to understand manner.

Private Training:
This program unlike any other jump program has a very individual touch added to it. With some other programs out there, you'll be bombarded with the publicity, and you'll get ignored once you give out your credit card information. Jacob does indefinite electronic mail coaching for the 1st month of the program for free, and then if you want, you can carry-on, on an affordable cost-per-month basis. This in itself is really worth the price due to the fact that mentoring is one of the keys to every athlete's success.

Scientific Principles: Jacob Hiller is a veteran and skilled athletic instructor. He uses verified healthy sporting doctrines and approaches to bring forth exceptional results. There's no need for so much propaganda or doubt. He claims that if you follow his well established principals, the results will come. I do not have any reason to ague, besides I've talked with so many users of his program, they all appreciate it.

Results: Talking about results, this is actually the best aspect of the program. The Jump Manual website claims that there is no one single person who has completed the program and was not satisfied with their jump height increase. He says no one has ever asked for their money back. That means there is a 100% customer satisfaction... I did not believe this when he first said it, so I contacted the company processing their payments CLICKBANK™ and they confirmed that The Jump Manual has a Zero Refund Rate! With this info, I became convinced that we could be talking about the best vertical jump training system out there!

I recommend the Jump Manual Vertical Jump Training program for anyone who is serious about getting results, who would enjoy individual coaching from a specialist, and who is looking for a training system that provides a secure, good for your health way to attain your jump height objectives.
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#2) The Vertical Project Review "Double Your Vertical Leap System"

The Vertical Project gets a strong 2nd place in my evaluation. This program is also called "The Double Your Vertical Leap System". The promises when you visit the website ("it is creditable of a Nobel Prize!") could make you cackle. His guarantee is to gain eight inches or your money back plus $100, which is kind of impressive if you ask me. Luke Lowery's says that his program is the equivalent of a Ferrari explains why his program is one of the most expensive vertical training systems out there. Also, when I emailed and asked for testimonials, I got a mass email answer saying Luke Lowery was WAY TOO FULL of Activity to Get Back to me, which made me believe that as a would-be purchaser, I was getting disregarded. However, this is not to say that the program can't work! - on the contrary, this program will really work well for you, in increasing vertical jump, especially if you are a dedicated athlete and succeeds in completing the entire program. What I'm saying is that the customer support might not be so good - (from what i noticed). However, when I finally got to Luke Lowery, he promised to make it better.

If you are into getting the most data and information you can on the vertical jump topic, then this program is the best for you. However, the program is so complicated, detailed, and so many athletes will find it very difficult or feel hard-pressed to ever complete it. The very best thing I liked about this program is that it is highly personalized for each and every individual athlete, using a self-discovered mathematical formula that determines the number of reps each athlete needs so as to maximize their chances of increasing their vertical. This is somehow reasonable, since every athlete is unique, so their training should be different too, right?

Another good thing about this program is the many bonuses it offers, which include ideas on spirituality, diet, extra exercises and much more. But I'm going to be honest with you. There's so much information and so many strong requirements that a standard athlete could get a little confused and misplaced in trying to complete them. I'm guessing nobody in fact implements everything in this book. Most athletes who purchase these programs just want to jump, not have to go digging for the information they may not need. However, if you are up to the tasks, then you can go in for this program.

Though The Vertical Project, or "Double Your vertical Leap" program is so comprehensive and could be a little bit difficult to follow, it could be a valuable asset in learning more about your personal vertical jump components, and if followed to the latter, you can actually increase your vertical jump, especially as the program is highly individualized. However, Luke Lowery makes a big deal about the point that he went from a 33 to a 41 inch vertical, but most of us want to see greater gains than that. I would recommend this program for those who want to delve into every detail behind training your vertical, and who are seriously dedicated and are sure they will complete the entire program.
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#3) The Vertical Jump Development Bible Review

This jump program comes in third place. Kelly Baggett at least answered my message the first time a tired, even if he turned down my demand for him to put me in touch with actual athletes he has coached or is still coaching. This program has the same down-to-earth feel as The Jump Manual, and its pretty apparent that Baggett knows his stuff: the program looks as if it's based on methodical ideology. His explanations of these principles however are some times difficult to understand.

This program is reasonably priced, but I don’t think you would like to pay more: this is just a PDF manuscript with some pictures attached to it. The program is roughly 150 pages, with more than half of the document being exercises and workout descriptions. According to his website, he gained about 20 inches applying these techniques. I believe this program can work fairly well, but trying to read through that long text is not an easy thing to do. Visually and organizationally, this program is less probable to get you eager about getting the vertical jump height you want. The entire program just feels a little bit out-of-date.

In general, though, this program will almost certainly still get you results even though having the lowest price. The problem is, it only guarantee results, not a specific number of inches. The program also includes several bonuses. I advocate this program for somebody who can not afford to pay more than $40 for a vertical training program.
Click On The Link Below To Buy And Instantly Download THE VERTICAL JUMP DEVELOPMENT BIBLE™, or Just To Read More About The Program:

To recapitulate:
Whichever program you decide to use actually depends on: how much you are ready to pay for a vertical jump training system, your appeal for success, and how many inches increase you want to witness. The Jump Manual is logically priced, guarantees the most amount of inches gain, includes infinite coaching for at least 1 month, and gives provable successful testimonials, thereby making me to conclude that, at the moment, there's no better vertical leap training system out there for the athlete who wants to augment his or her jump heights. Hope this review helps you in making an educated decision on which program to use to increase your jump heights.

Click on any of the links below to visit the sales page of the respective jump training systems. You can buy(Instant download), or just check them out....(more info!!)
1-The Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Project (Also Called: Double Your Vertical Leap System)
3-The Vertical Jump Development Bible

What Strategies and What Systems Work for Increasing Vertical Jump Heights- Vertical Jump Training

Ballers talk trash on and off the court and this could be found when talking about which techniques and which programs work for increasing vertical leap heights. There are so many programs out there that may help you put on good inches in your vertical. Vertfreak101 appears to be a good program, as is the VJB. The Jump Manual also really works, In fact the jump manual is my favorite and these past couple months Jacob Hiller, the author of this program have received nearly 75 additional testimonials (and he is trying to figure out how to put them all in his site), several of which people have gained over 10 inches of "vertical explosion " The testimonials on The Jump Manual website are real and could be verified.

Jacob Hiller’s lingo for vertical jump training is usually unique because he is not a copycat, like most of the programs out there. He got the stuff from testing methods on himself and clients that really worked, and he enhance the effectiveness of the manual nearly every 3 months making sure that it is cutting edge. He also consider it his duty, to read all other programs in the marketplace and know what others are saying so he has read all the other vertical jump programs on the net. Some are good and effective; others are less helpful, and some in between.

Cheers to anyone who is rocking out some inches on their verticals, and also to the many others who are attempting to reach their targets. If we're going to go after this or that vertical jump training guide let's at least talk about principles, like why such and such program has worked, and why such and such methods are less effective and others are more.

Do you want to start increasing your vertical jump and moving some steps closer to your Max vertical jump heights?

Click here ==> Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual, to read more about this great vertical jump training program that has been helping thousands of athletes round the world with their vertical jump heights.

Is The Jump Manual a Tailored Vertical Jump Training Guide? – Yes: One on One Vertical Leap Training

The jump manual is much more than general principles on vertical jump training, as most other vert programs on the net are. And it is fully customizable. To start with, this system lays out workouts just as any other system will. The author of the program Jacob Hiller, dose his very best to simplify things as most athletes I know don't want to read more than 100's of pages. Vertical leap training needs to be demystified. It’s actually pretty simple. In fact, so simple that many people miss the bus, and do so many mistakes when training.

Is the jump manual personalized? Is working one on one with a trainer personalized? Obviously it is. The jump manual isn't by any means meant to be a standalone product. The support and training provided allow customization to be fully unlimited. And due to the fact that there's one on one coaching inside the jump manual, this means that this system is customized and can fit everyone’s needs.

Even more words on customization: While it can be crucial, I think it is also important to realize that we are all homo sapiens here. Our muscles work the same and react the same way to training. Customizing a workout is essential but the variance of what is being trained is not night and day. One person does NOT somehow gain inches from a completely different workout. This may seem obvious but... The customization is more to emphasis muscle groups that are untrained and facets of athleticism that have not been fully trained to complement the athlete.

Do you want to start increasing your vertical jump using a fully customizable vertical jump training system that has proven to be very effective?

Follow this link: The Jump Manual Vertical Jump Training System, to read more.

Can You Get to Your Best Vertical Jump Heights with Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is known as a popular vertical jump training program selling on the internet. In actual fact, this program is one of the most popular systems you can use today to help train your vertical. But Can You Arrive at Your Max Vertical Jump Heights with Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual?

To answer to this question, MAX vert is never really quite reached. One can always perfect different aspects and make gains, however incremental. There are of course limits. Man could never jump 50 meters in the air, if he did it'd be the last time he did as he couldn't sustain the fall.

An athlete eager to jump higher should be taking the step essential to achieve a maximum vertical. A smart athlete could say they're just taking all the necessary steps to have the highest possible vertical jump height that time has so far allowed.

The Jump Manual is not claiming to have a magic formula that in 12 weeks gets you to a max vert that you will ever have. That's not even interesting. What this system is claiming is that in twelve weeks the vertical jump gains you will get will be VERY considerable.

Certainly athletes come to the training with different past training and other variables. But even the most seasoned athletes that have used the Jump manual and trained with it, more often than not say they have never trained like that before. The author of the program Jacob Hiller have had athletes stuck at a 39 or 40 inch vertical and faster than you would think for a very trained athlete they put on 5 inches. That may not seem like a lot but 5 inches added to a near forty vertical is very considerable if you ask me.

Do you want to start increasing your vertical jump and moving some steps closer to your Max vertical jump heights?

Go here ==> Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual, to read more about this great vertical jump training program.

Training Your Vertical Jump Height With The Jump Manual – Secrets for Rising Your Vertical Jump with Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is great and useful vertical leap training system that teaches you the right work outs and how to perform them correctly so as to get the utmost gains. To pass off essential targeted plyos as "simple" is to misunderstand the value and efficiency of a plyometric work out WHEN it is done properly. If you are looking for a secret work out or set of work outs to help you augment your vertical leap, it simply doesn't exist. HOW an exercise is done is 100's of times more important than WHAT exercise you do, although the correct exercises are needed.

In case anyone doubts whether athletes that have trained with the Jump Manual have accomplished 40 + verticals, there's a video footage of at least two people with forty + vertical leaving their testimonial. There's also loads of real testimonials about the product on the Jump Manual site. A forty + vertical is quite achievable, although The Jump Manual don't claim to product a 40+ vertical in the very first 12 weeks. The program only promises a 10 inch gain in the first 12 weeks, which has been accomplished by numerous. I've also had people start the program with forty+ verticals and gain four - 6 inches on top of that.

Jacob Hiller says he knows a lot of athletes will doubt what he says his program can do, but he promise that he is not after your money, and that is why he gladly refund your money in case you are not satisfied with the program. The personal coaching that he provides as part of the product is crucial to your training and enhances customization of the program.

In summary, there is no way you could do everything in the Jump Manual and not get optimum results. My personal opinion is that if you correctly read the manual perform the exercises as precisely prescribed, you will certainly get the results you want. All muscles are effectively targeted, as well as other aspects of vertical jump training prescribed.

An additional common folly that is quickly identified with athletes during training is not allowing proper recovery. Obsessed athletes persistently neglect to give proper recovery periods after exercises. Don't be part of this and make sure you give ample time for your muscles to relax between training sessions. That alone can make a whole lot of difference.

Do you want to start increasing your vertical jump and moving some steps closer to your Max vertical jump heights?

Click here ==> Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual, to read more about this great vertical jump training program that has been helping thousands of athletes round the world with their vert heights.

Training How to Leap or Jump Higher Is Different From Training Your Endurance - A Big Vertical Jump Training Error Made By The majority of Athletes

Vertical leap is such a controversial topic and you can find athletes which will do everything they can so as to step up their vertical jump heights even just one inch. Nevertheless there is this very big mistake made by most athletes when training their verticals: They train their endurance instead of training how to jump higher!

Technically, you can always increase your vertical jump. However, when you are at your near max jump heights the gains shall be so slight as to hardly be relevant or noticeable. This may seem discouraging, but I can guarantee that less than 99.99% of athletes have reached this point.

Yes, some vertical jump training programs recommends that you do as many reps as possible, but that only helps your endurance! It is best that all reps stay below ten. Why? Because most jumpers when they do more than 10 reps, are training their endurance not their ability to jump higher! We have all done it... running stairs again and again, jumping rope for twenty minutes. The effect that "repetitive" non-intense activities have on vertical explosion is nominal at best, and often destructive. Keeping reps low and intensity high assures an athlete gains.

So if you want to really optimize your chances of increasing your vertical jumps, you should keep your reps low. There is this great vertical jump guide which talks more on this and gives you the best tips and tricks you can use to get the maximum amounts of gains. It is known as The Jump Manual and you almost certainly already have heard about it since it is a very popular program that has helped many athletes everywhere in the world.

If you really are serious about getting your vert higher, then get a copy of the jump manual.

Visit this page: The Jump Manual, to read more about this program.

The Vertical Leap Tradition - How Quick is it Spreading Round the Globe

vertical jump manual We all know that the vertical leap concept in sports is getting more and more popular by the day. But just how fast is this concept spreading round the world? Well, the answer to that question can't be given with a one hundred percent confidence, but let me tell you that there are so many countries that are fast adopting the Jump Higher and dunk tradition just like the Americans do. There are actually so many vertical jump exercises and workouts out there which you can use to double your vertical leap. And many people round the world are doing just that so as to jump higher. Follow link for some unique jump exercises.

This is a short story on how I visited a county in Africa, and was shocked with the level of basketball and vertical jump training I found there. You know basketball is a great sport. At first I thought only Americans really cherished this sport. But now I know more and more countries are embracing basketball, thereby making the sports even more popular in the world today. In this same light, the vertical leap and dunk tradition is spreading too! No doubt there are many training manuals to help athletes in their efforts. The Vertical jump manual for instance is one of such. You also have the vertical jump development bible, and the vertical project, also called the double your vertical leap system. All geared towards increasing and improving athletes' jump heights not only in America, but allover the world.

Last year I was on holiday in Cameroon. It is a small country situated in central of Africa. It is a country where football is a tradition so one would think that the game of basketball is pretty dead there! At least that was the notion I had before I found the contrary.

During my visit to Cameroon, I was shocked when I went to a local basketball court to practice with the local basketball players who only played for fun. These guys had very good teams and I wonder why Cameroon is not well renowned for basketball. Anyway, I was hoping to have the best vertical jump as it was reasonable enough that a guy like me who plays a lot of basketball should have a better jump than people who just play for fun! I was wrong. They actually could jump higher than i did.

I was defeated in a vertical jump contest. In fact theses guys had better jump heights. That is why when I came back, I decided to write this article on jumps, just to tell the world out of Cameroon basketball in general, and the fact that the vertical jump concept is spreading really so fast around the world. If you are a basketball player, It doesn't mater where you are, your vertical leap height can always be challenged by people you least though could! You should be working hard to double your vertical leap so you don't get embarrassed!

Vertical Jump Workouts and Exercises: Persist To Double Your Vertical Leap I have here a series of tips you can use for your jump heights. Yes you can find enormous vertical jump tips here which you can use to greatly improve and increase your jump height so you will be able to dunk that basketball, if you play basketball, or make that killer save, if you play volleyball.

Whatever it is you are going to use high jumps for, you can definitely find in here. This blog is well structured just for that propose, and I guess you will find out what you are looking for here. Go ahead and use the manuals, exercises, workouts, training systems here to your advantage. That is: Increase Vertical Jump, why not double it!! Yes you can do it if you use the systems correctly. Good luck.

Below is a list of the best jump training systems, programs and manuals you can find in the market right now. I recommend them for their efficiency in improving your jump heights in a very short amount of time.
1-The Vertical Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Jump Development Bible
3-The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Leap!)