Is The Jump Manual a Tailored Vertical Jump Training Guide? – Yes: One on One Vertical Leap Training

The jump manual is much more than general principles on vertical jump training, as most other vert programs on the net are. And it is fully customizable. To start with, this system lays out workouts just as any other system will. The author of the program Jacob Hiller, dose his very best to simplify things as most athletes I know don't want to read more than 100's of pages. Vertical leap training needs to be demystified. It’s actually pretty simple. In fact, so simple that many people miss the bus, and do so many mistakes when training.

Is the jump manual personalized? Is working one on one with a trainer personalized? Obviously it is. The jump manual isn't by any means meant to be a standalone product. The support and training provided allow customization to be fully unlimited. And due to the fact that there's one on one coaching inside the jump manual, this means that this system is customized and can fit everyone’s needs.

Even more words on customization: While it can be crucial, I think it is also important to realize that we are all homo sapiens here. Our muscles work the same and react the same way to training. Customizing a workout is essential but the variance of what is being trained is not night and day. One person does NOT somehow gain inches from a completely different workout. This may seem obvious but... The customization is more to emphasis muscle groups that are untrained and facets of athleticism that have not been fully trained to complement the athlete.

Do you want to start increasing your vertical jump using a fully customizable vertical jump training system that has proven to be very effective?

Follow this link: The Jump Manual Vertical Jump Training System, to read more.

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