Can You Get to Your Best Vertical Jump Heights with Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is known as a popular vertical jump training program selling on the internet. In actual fact, this program is one of the most popular systems you can use today to help train your vertical. But Can You Arrive at Your Max Vertical Jump Heights with Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual?

To answer to this question, MAX vert is never really quite reached. One can always perfect different aspects and make gains, however incremental. There are of course limits. Man could never jump 50 meters in the air, if he did it'd be the last time he did as he couldn't sustain the fall.

An athlete eager to jump higher should be taking the step essential to achieve a maximum vertical. A smart athlete could say they're just taking all the necessary steps to have the highest possible vertical jump height that time has so far allowed.

The Jump Manual is not claiming to have a magic formula that in 12 weeks gets you to a max vert that you will ever have. That's not even interesting. What this system is claiming is that in twelve weeks the vertical jump gains you will get will be VERY considerable.

Certainly athletes come to the training with different past training and other variables. But even the most seasoned athletes that have used the Jump manual and trained with it, more often than not say they have never trained like that before. The author of the program Jacob Hiller have had athletes stuck at a 39 or 40 inch vertical and faster than you would think for a very trained athlete they put on 5 inches. That may not seem like a lot but 5 inches added to a near forty vertical is very considerable if you ask me.

Do you want to start increasing your vertical jump and moving some steps closer to your Max vertical jump heights?

Go here ==> Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual, to read more about this great vertical jump training program.

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