Training How to Leap or Jump Higher Is Different From Training Your Endurance - A Big Vertical Jump Training Error Made By The majority of Athletes

Vertical leap is such a controversial topic and you can find athletes which will do everything they can so as to step up their vertical jump heights even just one inch. Nevertheless there is this very big mistake made by most athletes when training their verticals: They train their endurance instead of training how to jump higher!

Technically, you can always increase your vertical jump. However, when you are at your near max jump heights the gains shall be so slight as to hardly be relevant or noticeable. This may seem discouraging, but I can guarantee that less than 99.99% of athletes have reached this point.

Yes, some vertical jump training programs recommends that you do as many reps as possible, but that only helps your endurance! It is best that all reps stay below ten. Why? Because most jumpers when they do more than 10 reps, are training their endurance not their ability to jump higher! We have all done it... running stairs again and again, jumping rope for twenty minutes. The effect that "repetitive" non-intense activities have on vertical explosion is nominal at best, and often destructive. Keeping reps low and intensity high assures an athlete gains.

So if you want to really optimize your chances of increasing your vertical jumps, you should keep your reps low. There is this great vertical jump guide which talks more on this and gives you the best tips and tricks you can use to get the maximum amounts of gains. It is known as The Jump Manual and you almost certainly already have heard about it since it is a very popular program that has helped many athletes everywhere in the world.

If you really are serious about getting your vert higher, then get a copy of the jump manual.

Visit this page: The Jump Manual, to read more about this program.

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