This is Why You Haven't Improved On Your Vertical Leap

double your vertical leap There are usually many reasons to justify the fact that you haven't yet increased your vertical jump despite all your efforts. I will try to give you some of the most common reasons for this in this article and I hope the points I raise here sill help you in your jump efforts. So why do people not succeed in increasing their vertical jump explosion?

Well the as for now I can think of 3 main points:

1- Lack of knowledge of the correct principals, workouts and exercises to use:
There are literally thousands of websites out there owned my marketing gurus who have little or no knowledge on jump training. They usually put up wrong information on those sites and unfortunately some athletes come across this information and trust it. What you read on the internet is as vertical jump workouts and exercises may not always be good for you. You should make sure the information is coming from a well renowned coach.

2- Going after Wrong Jump Programs:

Another reason why people fail to increase their vertical jump is the lack of correct jump programs to g after. Now this is a very serious problem out there. Especially on out society nowadays where the internet is king, people all sort of crap and sell them online as jump training manuals. I have been contacted by a very good number of internet marketers asking me to write an e-book for them. Most of the times I will say no and all they do is go to the next ghost writers who know little or nothing about jump training and ask them to do it for them. Beware of such manuals. I know it is very difficult to identify a good jump manual, but try as much as you can to do some research on it before paying for it.

3-The lack of dedication from your part:

In fact this accounts for a great amount of failure cases in increasing vertical jump heights. Jump trainings just like any other training are not a piece of cake. I mean to say it is not an easy task to accomplish. You have to have a great deal of devotion and dedication so as to see the results you are hoping for. You should remember that sometimes results are slow to come. If you stick with your trainings, you will obviously achieve what you want. If you quite prematurely, you are the looser!

double your vertical leap There maybe more reasons, but I guess those would be for another time. All the same, I think these are the main points, and if you happen to identify yourself in any of them, please do everything to come out of that situation. If not, you will find it very difficult to increase your vertical jump heights to the level you desire. Just remember, train wisely and correctly.

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