Vertical Jump Workout - A Free Vertical Jump Training Workout That Basically Increases Vertical Jump Faster and More Effective

An effective vertical jump workout need not be strenuous. This article will reveal simple vertical jump exercises to incorporate into your vertical jump workout that won't even break out a sweat but will result in a significant increase to your vertical jump quick time. Keep reading to get free instant access to my vertical leap program that has helped at least 2000 athletes increase their vertical leap worldwide!

You may be surprised to learn that a very simple yet very effective vertical jump workout should include pool jumps. If you're after a vertical jump workout that will cool you off while at the same time increasing your vertical jump then jump in a pool. Start performing three sets of 10 vertical jump squat jumps a couple of times a week. Perform this vertical jump workout in chest high water for some serious vertical jump results on the court.

Why this vertical jump pool workout is so effective is that the resistance actually lessens the higher you come out of the water while you perform your vertical jump. This vertical jump workout alone will do wonders for your vertical jump. It also places no stress on your joints (which reduces injury). It's also a great way to do your vertical jump workout without overheating the body.

Another vertical jump workout that is very effective and doesn't involve heavy weight training is squatting fast and heavy with weights. The trick is to keep the repetitions to less than 5. Ultimately, if you're training like an Olympic weightlifting athlete you're doing the wrong vertical leap workout.

As I've stated, there are some incredibly simple yet very powerful vertical jump exercises that you can incorporate into your vertical jump workout that will result in a massive vertical jump increase, simply by increasing your vertical jump power and increasing your ability to perform your vertical jump quicker than your opponents.

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