Vertical Jump Performance and Strength - Does Strength Contribute to Good Vertical Jumps?

double your vertical leap There are thousands of coaches and trainers who claim that they can improve vertical jumps instantly. While I am sure that there are quite a number of them who actually do the great work of improving these vertical jump lengths and heights, there are also a good number of them who are just beating around the bush doing almost nothing to actually help their trainees attain their goals. Given the high importance of vertical jump in most sporting activities and games today, it is very imperative that all the members of a team have perfect jumping capacities. Be it in basketball or in volleyball the team with the best jumpers in most cases end up winning the games. And that is what sports is all about. Guess that is why you want to double your vertical leap!! so you can dunk and dunk.

Some gurus understand the importance of vertical jump, so there are taking the opportunity to rip of some athletes from their money. Some coaches too don’t know what they are doing. Most of them would require their trainees to do several push-ups every day, and lift heavy objects, in the name of trying to improve vertical jump length and height. These methods are not only wrong, but they waste your precious time for no good reason. If vertical jumps depended on strength and the largeness of your upper body muscles, then the world strongest man would have the best vertical jump record. But as you may guess, that is not the case.

Of course you need to have some strength to perform great vertical jumps! But the real secret to increasing vertical jump height is creating the flexibility and power in the lower body, not the upper body. You would want to imagine your feet like a spring board on which you spring and try to go as high up as possible, while trying to move your body forward at the same time. Training with flexible resistance is the best way to create an elasticity and power in the muscles.

double your vertical leap It is quite true that it takes some time to improve on your vertical jump, but if you apply this simple principle, you can see result within 5 to 6 training sessions. Just so you don’t get me wrong here: Though the lower body is very important as far as vertical jump is concerted, that dose not mean you upper body has no part to play. In a nut shell, you also have to develop you upper body so that it will be able to handle the pressure so you can dunk.

So when carrying out your vertical jump exercises and workouts, just make sure you pay more attention to the lower part of your body, but not completely leaving out your upper body. Do this and you will surely see the results you are searching for.

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