Double Your Vertical Leap or Jacob Hiller’s Vertical Jump Manual?

When it comes to vertical jump training systems that actually work, there are not so many of them you can find out there. Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual and Luke Lowery's Vertical Project (also called The Double Your Vertical Leap System) are probably the most popular jump training programs being sold on the internet today.

Many athletes are so divided on which of this program to use for their vertical jump training, since all systems claim to very effective in increasing and improving your vertical jump heights. Be it Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual or Luke Lowery's Vertical Jump Project, each of this program have its good and bad points.

However, if you want to get the best system which has proven its worth over the years to be the most effective vertical jump training program, then I would recommend you get a copy of Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual. I choose the jump manual over Luke Lowery's Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Leap Program) for many reasons.

Some of the main reasons include: The physical attractiveness of The Jump Manual (easy to understand and clearer grammar, pictures and well elaborated videos), the honesty of its testimonials, the personal email coaching provided by Jacob Hiller when you join his program and The Forum of Elite Jumpers which you automatically become a member once you purchase Jacob Hiller’s vertical jump training program. And many more advantages….

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