4 Simple But Effective Vertical Jump Tips: 3 Recommended Products For Vertical Leap

If your objective is to develop into a top-notched athlete…raise your vertical leap to 30“+…or you just wish to amaze your friends and dominate “above the rim” on the basketball court.

Vertical jump workouts
need not be over complicated for them to work! Here are 4 Simple but effective tips to help you attain your jump objective…

Hip flexor stretches-- First… get in a lunge position with your left knee on the ground and put your right foot as far ahead as you can…then, force your hips forward as far as you can all this while keeping your chest elevated. At this position, try to position your left thigh at a 45 degree position from the floor…are you there yet?—if yes, then let’s keep on…

Ok, now raise your left hand, reaching for your head… calmly twist it to the right as you look over your shoulder…you should sense your abs and left hip flexor stretching…this method should be performed in a sequence of 2-- 30 seconds reps.. or so.

Performing depth jumps-- you can begin out with a 6” box and work towards a 24” as you progress--but, start by stepping off a box (the height that is determined by your level of training) and rapidly… as you touch the floor…forcefully jump into the air—do it over an over-- using 15 seconds as your guideline. Your objective should be to stay away from being grounded for the shortest time possible.

Pogo jump exercises--by leaping off the ground with the help of your ankles…while in the air-- curling your toes upward. While conducting this exercise, don’t let your heels to touch the ground. Your ability at keeping your knees in a fix position while performing the jumps and landing…as well as limiting as much as possible your contact with the ground is very vital. Performing this method in 20 second sets of 3...In as many reps as you can do… will in fact really get better your vertical jump and avoid potential ankle injuries

Vertical jumps-- one of the best ways to boost your vertical jump…is to practice your vertical jump! Believe it or not--some athletes...using educated correct techniques... showed as much as a 3” development in their vertical jump. You can find a lot of resources on this topic obtainable on the internet or in your neighborhood public library-- that'll exemplify suitable form and vertical jump technique.

Haven been an experienced vertical jump trainer for over 6.5 years, I have been exposed to well over 200 different products which claim to be very efficient as far as improving vertical jump Performance. I have been watchfully reviewing all these products and I have finally came up with a list of 3 of them, which I consider are the best Vertical Jump Kits available in the market right now. I recommend them for their quality, clarity, effectiveness and their ability to actually improve your vertical jump over a short period of time, if effectively utilized.

Below is the list of the 3 products that can greatly improve your vertical jump
1-The Vertical Jump Manual
2-The Vertical Jump Development Bible
3-The Vertical Project (Double Your Vertical Leap!

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